Introducing Quick Reviews

Sometimes, there’s just not so much time to write (or to read) lengthy reviews. For this reason, pheuilleton now features “Quick Reviews”.

It’s not only since I’ve started living with a cat that I’ve had trouble finding time to write about all the things that I would like to write about. On the other hand, sometimes, I find myself wanting to express my thoughts on a movie, for instance, but then not really having so much to say about it that it would warrant an entire article.

For all these (and perhaps some other) cases, I’ve decided to also publish shorter reviews on pheuilleton from now on. In order not to make this site a click bait haven, though, and in order to mark the shorter pieces as the fragments that they will often be, I will group these little texts together and publish them occasionally as “Quick Reviews”. These can be anything from a thrown-in sentence or two expressing a thought on a film, book, or TV show, to a longer paragraph that doesn’t quite feel like a full-length review.

“Full-length reviews”, by the way, will hopefully still also appear on this site in the future. But by introducing quick reviews, I hope to be able to actually write about more of the things that I originally started pheuilleton for.

Here, by the way, is the first post in this new category, freshly hatched! And under this tag, you will soon find all quick reviews neatly listed.

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