Fern Frond, Unfurling


A response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, titled “Focus”.

I took this picture on a hike in the forest the other day. I am generally fascinated by plants, and ferns are one of the species that have always excited me in particular. There’s something captivating, almost hypnotizing, about their appearance, completely devoid of fruit or flowers, or any color but green, yet bearing those perfectly geometrical leafs (fronds). And then, of course, there’s the unrolling of those fronds. Ferns are plants that you can literally watch growing, how cool is that? And yet they have been around – unchanged, I naively like to imagine – since basically forever. So, you see, they’re fantastic plants.

Given that, it probably won’t come as a surprise that I am quite happy with this picture I took of a growing fern. This plant’s amazing development and movement is frozen still in one unique moment. Also, the entire picture is composed of shades of green (and in fact of ferns!), but the focus is clearly on the fern in front: a showcase for this one, distinct representative of a fascinating species.

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