The Fluffy Road


I encountered this little fellow on a day hike in the forest some time ago. At first, I just stood still and observed it for a while, studying its curious, watchful gaze—until I realized that the squirrel was doing exactly the same thing with me.

I guess someone had to make the first move, so I slowly and carefully took out my camera and started taking some pictures. I was afraid the squirrel would soon get scared and flee, but its curiosity must have been stronger. So it moved about a bit, but always remained within sight—and I ended up with a couple of cute squirrel photographs. The one above is my favorite.

Later that day, when I passed through a little village, I made another furry friend:


Desperate for some attention, this one even kept me company for a bit of my way.

These pictures and the memories attached to them are nice in their own right, but perhaps even more important in that they remind me: I should really go hiking again!

The text and pictures above are a response to this week’s Photo Challenge, titled “The Road Taken”.

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